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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Midjourney Sref Codes?

Midjourney Sref Codes are special identifiers used in prompts to quickly apply specific visual styles to generated images. They allow users to create style-consistent images without writing long, detailed prompts.

How are Midjourney Sref Codes generated?

Midjourney Sref Codes are generated through the "--sref random" feature in prompts. When users apply this feature, Midjourney selects a random style and creates an image. The system then replaces "random" with a specific number between 1 and 4294967295, which becomes the style reference code. This code can be used in future prompts to replicate the same visual style.

How to use Sref Codes in Midjourney?

To use Sref Codes in Midjourney, include "--sref" followed by the code number anywhere in your prompt. For example, you could use "--sref 20240622" as part of your prompt. This method allows you to easily apply a specific style to your generated image by referencing the desired style code.

Where can I find a large collection of Sref Codes with visual examples of each style?

You can find a large collection of Sref Codes at https://srefhunter.top/. Our website collects Sref Codes from Twitter and updates them weekly. Here you can view visual examples of various styles associated with different Sref Codes.

What is a Midjourney Style Reference?

To use style references in Midjourney, add the "--sref" parameter followed by the URL of an online image to your prompt. For example: "--sref URL". You can include multiple URLs for several style references, like this: "--sref URL1 URL2 URL3". Additionally, you can use descriptive text in your prompt to reinforce the desired style, which may be helpful for complex styles. This feature works with both Midjourney and Niji Version 6.

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